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How'd you wind up here?
Maybe it's because you don't run with the herd.

If you did, you'd be pondering the usual botanicals, patterns, swishes of trending color, cute painted clichés.

This art is for people who want more.

Paintings with the kind of intelligence and wit you enjoy in your favorite people. Art that's true to life, in styles to match your vibe: realism to abstraction, even psychedelic.

It's the obsession of an award-winning artist who never settles down or gives in. Like you he stays far from the herd. He keeps his mind tuned to the mad poetry of the late-night soul. This is art from the wild, a mark of distinction for any space, and any collector.

See the Paintings...

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Secure online purchasing through websites you know and trust. Limited low-cost framing available for many pieces. All unframed works can be returned, undamaged, within 30 days of purchase for a refund of the price paid for the art.

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